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When you join our Prose Posse Writers’ Group, you'll be able to connect with other writers who share your passion for creating captivating children's stories. The community is welcoming and inclusive. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment where you can share your work without fear of judgment.


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In addition to the support of your fellow writers, you'll also receive feedback on your work from your peers. Together we will identify areas for improvement and help you refine your story.

You'll also have access to my feedback and guidance as an experienced children's book author. I'll offer personalized advice and support, helping you grow as a writer and achieve your goals.

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✔ Community & support
✔ Live co-writing calls
✔ Impactful feedback
✔ Self-expression without judgement
✔ A consistent writing practice
✔ Rediscovering your excitement and inspiration
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How it works:

Prose Posse will gather weekly on Zoom for 60-90 minute sessions depending on attendance

We meet Wednesdays at 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)

$120 per month


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