Nana's Getting Married

Heather Hartt-Sussman • Georgia Graham

4-6 years

Life with Nana is perfect: she always has time to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies, tell wonderful bedtime stories, and knit cozy mittens and socks and turtleneck sweaters. Perfect, that is, until she meets Bob. All of a sudden, Nana’s too busy for baking and storytelling and knitting. She’s spending her time talking on the phone, giggling, taking long bubble baths, singing love songs, and putting on makeup! What can one aggrieved little boy do to get back Nana – just the way she was?

Complemented by the playful, quirky, chalk-pastel art of Georgia Graham, Nana’s Getting Married will ring a familiar bell with every child who has had to share the attention of a beloved adult. What’s more, it demonstrates hilariously that love has nothing to do with age.

What People Are Saying:


“…this message about open-mindedness and acceptance hits its mark.”

— Publishers Weekly


“ Humorous dialogue, detailed artwork and a story with a twist make this a great read.”

— Fiction Addiction


“Hartt-Sussman…not only captures a child’s feelings of betrayal, but does it in a fun way.”

— Winnipeg Free Press

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