Nana's Summer Surprise

Heather Hartt-Sussman • Georgia Graham

4-6 years

In this third book of related titles, our protagonist must face one more hurdle in accepting his Nana’s new “family.” Nana’s new husband Bob has a granddaughter named Hortense. They were friends last summer – but over the winter she’s changed and the tentative friendship they shared seems a thing of the past.

At the cottage again for a summer holiday, the protagonist is horrified to discover that Hortense is no longer likely to enjoy climbing trees and running around. She’s grown tall, wears skirts, and pins pictures of rock stars on her wall. Nana has deemed it “inappropriate” for them to share a room. All seems lost, until the two manage to find something to work towards together: a surprise birthday party for Nana.

This charming picture book holds a valuable lesson about getting along by finding common ground.

What People Are Saying:


“Children will be able to relate to differences in age gaps and the mystery behind a child they had previously played with passing into the realm of adults. Adults will appreciate the humorous commentary made by the adults in the story, such as the improvement in Hortense’s social skills. Because one can really “hear” people saying these things, the familiar situations will be funny….The story is amusing and relatable. Recommended.”

— CM Magazine (Manitoba Library Association)


“…The artwork … is a lovely display of chalk pastel … the colors look like they are lit from within, giving a fairy-tale quality to the work.”

— Kirkus Reviews


“A great continuation in the third book following Nana's Getting Married and Here Comes Hortense! and a perfect read as kids prepare to meet-up with family and friends this summer.”


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