Picture Perfect

Learn how to write YOUR picture book

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A Step-by-Step Online Course


Ready to learn the skills and gain the confidence to put your stories down on paper and walk away with a killer picture book manuscript?

Let me guide you through my 12-lesson course, with accompanying worksheets, to craft your idea into a final manuscript up to industry standards.

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At the end of this course, you'll have:


➸ A system you can use over and over again to generate ideas for future books

➸ A tried and true template you can also re-use

➸ More familiarity with the dos and don’ts of picture book writing

➸ Best of all, a finished manuscript!

What's Inside

✓ Videos with written transcripts

✓ 12 Lessons 

✓ Printable worksheets

✓ Self-paced course so you can work at your own speed

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Hands On Support with Live Feedback Sessions

Get all your questions answered. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. Never get stuck trying to figure it out yourself!

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What You'll Learn:

✓ How to generate ideas

✓ How to flesh them out

✓ Tips on getting started

✓ Templates and how to use them

Editing tips

✓ Helpful resources and more 

This course is for you if:


✏ You're a beginner writer who has never written a book before

✏ You're an intermediate or pro writer who needs help finessing your manuscript or is struggling with writer’s block

✏ Anyone, at ANY age, who has always wanted to write a picture book and needs help figuring out where to start!

It's probably not for you if:


✗ You're not comfortable with receiving constructive feedback

✗ You think picture book writing is easy

You're not willing to do the work

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